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Get your VISA to China

apply now with the leader agency!

Your VISA TO CHINA in 6 steps:

Step 1 - Application

You'll need:

  • Original Passport

  • Photocopy of the first page of your passport

  • Original or authorised copy by the Police of your Spanish NIE / Residence Permit

  • 1 digital photo, a printed photo (in photo paper) is recommended. Requirements for the photo.

  • VISA form. Click HERE, select the city of application Madrid (for 5 and 2 work days) or Barcelona (8 work days) and click on QUICK ACCESS and NEW APPLICATION FORM. For +20€ We'll fill the form for you.

  • Flight tickets and hotel reservation (tourist trip) or letter of invitation (business trip)

Step 2 - Documentation delivery

Adress: You can send the documentation or visit us at C/ Buenos Aires 60, 1-1, 08036, 08029 Barcelona or call us +34 650 553 551 and we'll pick up the documents (cost of the service +10€).

Step 3 - Payment and delivery

Payment by transfer, credit card or cash the day you pick up the visa. We deliver your visa (+10€) or come to our office to pick it up. Prices:

  • 185 euro, 8 work days in Barcelona

  • 185 euro, 5 work days in Madrid

  • 240 euro, 2 work days in Madrid

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